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Intimate Printing & Packaging Ltd.,
a concern of New Vision Group started its journey with a view to provide backward linkage support to the countries boosting export oriented industries. Considering the structural and item wise various products range and production capacity, our company is becoming one of the promising accessories manufacturing plant in the garments industry of Bangladesh. In our company, the facilities are well equipped with state of the art machines which are backed up with a trained and efficient human resource. We are determined to maintain international standards in all respect. The company aims to penetrate garments accessories industry effectively and gets them distributed as per the customer demands. In the competitive business world, we focus more on the development of innovative & customized product, production, facilities, quality, delivery and quality industry controlling system

  •      Woven Label 
  •      Offset Printing 
  •      Back Board 
  •      Swing Thread 
  •      Printed Label
  •      Carton Poly 
  •      Bag Dyeing
  •      Jara
  •      Wal - Mart
  •      Tesco
  •      Colombus
  •      World of Textile
  •      Next Text Ltd
  •      Boston
  •      Apex Printing Textile Mills Ltd
  •      Korim Textile Ltd
  •      Grameen Knit Wear
  •      Horizon Fashion Wear Ltd
  •      Ahsan Composite Ltd
  •      Sadman Fashion Wear Ltd 
  •      Bhuiyan Textile
  •      Woven Label
  •      Printed Labeln
  •      Offset Printing
  •      Back Board
  •      Carton
  •      Printed Poly Bag
  •      Sewing Thread
  •      Dyeing Thread